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Energy Services

Energy - its generation, consumption and environmental impact, presents a challenge to every organisation and every person on the planet. We face some stark choices that will impact our economic, political and social futures and most certainly our lifestyles.
Energy has always been at the heart of EuroTech's activities from the outset. And unlike energy consultants who produce energy reports and recommendations, EuroTech Engineering identifies the problems, takes ownership of the solutions and delivers guaranteed results. EuroTech Engineering has specialist in-house trained energy engineers. And we'll employ our considerable knowledge solution that will bring your organisation real environmental benefits

Total energy solutions - commercial

Steps to Implementing Total Energy and Environment Management.
Reduced overheads and a better working and global environment, both indoors and out - the benefits of energy management are virtually self-evident. What's not so obvious is how to set about it.

Implementation Steps

1. Reducing your energy consumption through improved management of plant and buildings -
this step is directed to reducing your energy consumption whilst meeting all of your working environment and operational needs.
What this means in practice is the introduction of energy management 'best practice', training and guiding your M&E maintenance team, advising on opportunities for energy saving and managing the introduction of energy savings schemes on your behalf.

2. Instituting Total Energy and Environment Management for guaranteed long-term savings -
following the implementation of earlier steps, it will be clear that we have the expertise and resources for you to entrust us with the total package according us overall responsibility for your energy requirements and utilisation.

If you would like to know more about how EuroTech's Total Energy and Environment Management service can help your organisation, please
contact us

Energy supplies & manage contract

Managing Energy Costs and Environmental Impact as a Packaged Solution

Increasingly, businesses are struggling with volatile energy prices and demanding environmental legislation. It can be really difficult to maintain your internal environmental conditions, budget your energy spend and use your energy as efficiently as you would like.

How EuroTech Engineering can help you?


Equipment maintenance plays a key role in optimising the level of energy efficiency in your building. You should therefore consider including EuroTech Engineering’s maintenance services as part of your Performance Partnerships agreement.

Reduced Carbon Emissions

In addition to the reduction and predictability of energy costs, Performance Partnerships also provides environmental benefits, namely an overall reduction in your greenhouse gas emissions. This helps your business to comply with government legislation and contribute towards global environment protection.

Performance Partnerships is offered on a case-by-case basis. If you would like to know more about how this service can benefit your organisation, please
contact us

Performance partnerships - advantages

In addition to the improvements in your energy efficiency, we work very closely with your site operators to ensure that your internal environmental conditions are maintained at the correct level.

We provide a single point of contact for you, plus maintenance if required. Where possible we offer remote monitoring of your plant and internal building conditions, through a Building Management System, allowing us to optimise your energy usage through controls. It allows us to provide just the right internal conditions that can be adjusted when required and agreed.