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Facilities Services

One point of contact, one invoice - all facilities services. Total facilities management - a suite of services from EuroTech Engineering designed to enable you to concentrate on what you do best. Our complete Facilities Services solution provides you with lots of benefits and because it encompasses site-wide and nation-wide activities, the total benefit you obtain is greater than the sum from each individual service. Successful organisations have learnt to focus on their core activities and leave non-core essential tasks to strategic service partners like EuroTech Engineering. It makes sense - cutting costs, streamlining procedures, freeing up time, reducing admin costs, enabling your organisation to concentrate on what it does best. It's not what we deliver but how we deliver our services.

EuroTech Engineering offers Facilities Services to our customers as a total business solution, integrating our key skill-sets of Energy & Environmental management and Mechanical & Electrical services with other wide-ranging facilities services. We establish a team of highly qualified and experienced individuals to identify the exact spectrum of services required to meet your specific needs and then to manage and satisfy this requirement. We build the team around individuals who have knowledge and familiarity of your sector - people who understand the market drivers and business needs. We self-deliver in those areas where we have experience and core expertise, and where we need complementary skills; we deploy high level strategic partnerships with other key organisations.

At EuroTech Engineering we never stand still. In your ever changing and challenging business environment, you need to be constantly changing and adapting to meet these challenges. At EuroTech Engineering we understand that this approach goes right across your business, including all your essential support services. It's a journey of constant improvement that relies on expertise in management innovation, focus on service delivery and an eye for detail.
A complete service solution to meet your needs - we recognise that each company is unique in its requirements, so we tailor our solutions accordingly to suit each client.

Our roots lie in three core skill sets:

A - Facilities Services

• Project Management

• Crisis management Planning

• Health & Safety and Environment Services

• Waste Management and Recycling

• Environmental Management & Compliance

• H&S Audits, Management & Compliance  

B - Technical Services

• Mechanical and Electrical Maintenance

• Computerised Maintenance Management Systems (PPM)

• Inspections & Fabric Maintenance

• Central Plant Operations

• Controls & Building Systems Installation

• Asset Tracking

• Lighting Systems Maintenance

• Statutory Inspections

• Forward Maintenance Planning

• Reactive Response Service

C - Energy services

• Energy saving

• Energy management

• Site surveys

• Energy analysis & reports

• Energy technology

• Green energy